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  • Low IE True Red 11sExtending some incarnation of broader flexible leave policies would obviously benefit the people who need to take advantage of them. But they'd also benefit new parents by mitigating the resentment parents often face when they do go back to work (Can you believe we've all been covering for Sarah for six months?).
    Low IE True Red 11s And while I'm speculating here, it seems like a more even distribution of leave benefits could actually help parents — especially female parents — fight the kind of tacit discrimination that happens when your bosses are expecting you'll offramp at some point for some period of nurturing months. How can you really be devoted to that big project when obviously you're cooking up a big project of your own? (Har, har.)
    Low IE True Red 11s But if leave were extended beyond new parents — to people caring for aging parents, for troubled siblings and sick spouses and older children in crisis and even, perhaps, their own mental or physical health — it seems possible that the penalty for parenting would be drastically reduced. It's possible there still would be a penalty for taking these leaves, but at least it wouldn't be a parent penalty, or a woman penalty. It would be the penalty of being human. More articles from Business Insider
    Low IE True Red 11s A Fox News focus group just torched Donald Trump after the debate This map shows how obsessed America is with Donald Trump Low IE True Red 11s Megyn Kelly drops an anvil on Donald Trump: You've called women you don't like, 'fat pigs,' 'dogs,' and 'slobs'

    Low IE True Red 11s A Agência Triton presta consultoria no planejamento de comunicação digital, para que sua empresa atinja os objetivos e expectativas esperadas.