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  • Low IE True Red 11s for sale Research bears this out: People often don't take advantage of their unlimited vacation, and when they do, their colleagues resent them for it. Worth noting here: Netflix has long had an unlimited vacation policy. (So does Business Insider.)
    Low IE True Red 11s for sale Obviously, parental leave is not vacation, and having a baby is not a trip to Cancun. But it's easy to imagine the same dynamic playing out here: a supposedly freeing policy becomes a fraught minefield of vulnerability and resentment. "If that new mom down the hall came back full-time after only six weeks of leave," wonders L.V. Anderson at Slate, "will you look like a slacker if you take four months and ramp back up with a three-day-a-week schedule?"
    Low IE True Red 11s for sale And yet the basic problem Netflix is admirably trying to address is real: People have lives outside of work. National policy has historically been extremely bad at dealing with that (the US, it should be noted, is one of two countries that does not require employers to offer paid parental leave, according to a report from the International Labor Organization). And women in particular have been been held back by our inability to figure this out. There has to be a way to do better.
    Low IE True Red 11s for sale It is hard to fault Netflix for trying. "The spirit of [the policy]," says Jennifer Owens, editorial director at Working Mother, "is in the right spot." The challenge, she tells Business Insider, will be "creating a company culture that actually supports usage."
    Low IE True Red 11s for sale Santa Clara University professor Justin P. Boren, whose own work focuses on organizational culture and work-life issues, thinks it's possible the company could pull this off — if it can manage two key things:
    Low IE True Red 11s for sale It successfully creates a culture where people actually take the "unlimited" time off. It extends similar flexibility to everyone.

    A Agência Triton presta consultoria no planejamento de comunicação digital, para que sua empresa atinja os objetivos e expectativas esperadas.