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  • Low IE True Red 11s online The first point is relatively straightforward — the policy is meaningless unless Netflix can create an environment where people not only know that it's "acceptable to take that time off," Boren tells Business Insider, but also that "it's frowned upon when you don't."
    Low IE True Red 11s online "Organizations are great at making the policy shift, but the cultural shift is the hard part," he says. Owens agrees. "I think the best thing that can happen is that some men at the top take an extended paternity leave. That should not be outside of the realm of imagination." Once the policy is put into place, it needs to be modeled, it needs to be modeled at the top, and it needs to be modeled by men at the top.
    Low IE True Red 11s online If accountant Carl is just as likely to be out with the baby as marketing director Carla and neither has to offramp longer than they'd like to in order to raise their child, then Netflix may be making real strides toward gender parity in the workplace. But that's only true if men actually take equal advantage of the policy — and what we've seen elsewhere is that they don't.
    Low IE True Red 11s online Boren's second proposal is more radical: Don't limit flexibility to new parents. Based on his extensive studies of workplace resentments, Boren argues that one problem with an unlimited parental leave policy is the perceived unfairness of it. People with babies get official acknowledgment that they're multi-faceted humans with lives outside of work; people without babies are expected to lead blissful lives unencumbered by family responsibilities.
    Low IE True Red 11s online Of course, one possible understanding of Netflix's already unlimited vacation policy is that it exists precisely for occasions like a sick parent or mental health emergency — if you need the time, official policy says you can take the time. But Boren suggests that while that's technically true, it's not the same. "The big difference is that the parental leave policy has a clear triggering event — in this case, either a birth or an adoption," he says, and that lends it some degree of legitimacy.

    A Agência Triton presta consultoria no planejamento de comunicação digital, para que sua empresa atinja os objetivos e expectativas esperadas.