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  • buy cheap toms shoes Broyles said he really started thinking about finances after he was drafted and spoke with a financial adviser, according to ESPN.
    buy cheap toms shoes "When I was hitting the same budget over three, four, five months, it was all right, this is what your budget is and I had some spending money," he told ESPN. "When I come to work, I don't think about the money."
    buy cheap toms shoes SEE ALSO: This man commutes from Barcelona to London every day -- and saves money doing it
    buy cheap toms shoes NFL players spending millions of dollars and going bankrupt isn't uncommon. A 2015 report by the National Bureau of Economic Research found about 15.7 percent out of 2,000 NFL players drafted between 1996 and 2003 filed for bankruptcy by their 12th year of retirement.
    To put that in perspective, if a team's 11 players hit the field for a play, about two of those 11 would've filed for bankruptcy.
    buy cheap toms shoes It's a known problem in the NFL. That's why rookies go through a symposium — a orientation of sorts — before their first games.
    buy cheap toms shoes The symposium features former players, coaches, a financial adviser and others teaching rookies about NFL history, total wellness, experience and professionalism.
    buy cheap toms shoes "I saw the draft. Now some of you had a lot of that jewelry on. One piece of jewelry, not the Mr. T starter set. Don't need all that," former player and coach Herm Edwards told the rookies.
    buy cheap toms shoes Broyles, who is in the final year of his rookie contract, sounds like he has no plans of changing his modest lifestyle.

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