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    MADISON (WITI) - With remarks directed to the state, the nation and the world oreo 4s, Governor Scott Walker, in his fifth "State of the State" address signaled his goal may be to move from Wisconsin to Washington. Governor Walker on Tuesday evening, January 13th spoke to a joint session of the state Legislature, the state Supreme Court and Wisconsin's other elected officials - but his remarks were intended to resonate far beyond Madison, Wisconsin.

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    "I am proud to report the state of our state is strong," Governor Walker said. In his address jordan 4 oreo, Governor Walker trumpeted what he called the "Wisconsin comeback" - providing a sort of "progress report" on his policies. "If you remember nothing else, remember this: more people are working while fewer are unemployed. State government is more effective, more efficient and more accountable, and the state's financial condition has improved," Governor Walker said.

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    The speech then pivoted to Walker's ambitious agenda for the year. Reducing property taxes, reforming education with an accountability plan for failing schools and an expanded voucher school program. "Property taxes are literally lower than they were in 2010 oreo 4s and jordan 4 oreo. How many Governors can say that? Tonight, I call on the members of the state Legislature to pass legislation ensuring objective information is available for each and every school receiving public funds in this state. Provide the information and allow parents to make the choice," Governor Walker said.

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